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Instruction AML/KYC Verification On Mozo Platform

Instruction AML/KYC Verification on Mozo platform

Example below shows how to go through AML/KYC procedure if you wish to participate in Mozo token sale.

First you should sign up an account at

Input your ETH Wallet Address > Click Save

Input the amount you want to invest > Click Buy MOZO.

Investors who invest more than 19,999 SGD (15,000 USD) are required going through AML/KYC procedure.

Follow the instruction to process the verification. Click Help on the up-right corner or visit to learn more about the AML/KYC guideline.

You need to complete the process in 4 main steps.

Step 1: Fill in your personal data

Step 2: Upload a scan of your proof of identity

Step 3: Upload your selfie together with the proof

Step 4: Last step, finish with your proof of address

If your KYC/AML information is correctly verified you will get a confirmation email and will not need to do anything more.

If there was a problem with the reception of the documentation, the Mozo team will request you to resubmit new or higher resolution documents. We will notify you via email.

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