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Move To Earn: Get Fun, Get Rewards! Calling Alerts For Sport Fans

Move to earn: Get fun, get rewards! Calling alerts for Sport fans

Have you ever thought that just walking can earn extra rewards with a little income every day? What could be more wonderful when walking not only improves your health but also helps you make money?

Understanding the interests of daily activities for Mozo hunting enthusiasts, the Mozo team has recently developed and launched the Walking feature for Mozo fans who love to practice sports and improve health.

With the Walking feature, you will get many interesting benefits in your daily life through walking, riding a motorbike/car, exercising, exercising, jogging with friends, doing housework, go shopping, walk in the park, go around in the supermarket/mall, …

Any activity of the day, just move, the Walking feature of Mozo app will count the number of steps or kilometers to calculate Mozo reward points or convert to VND, from which you can easily top up scratch cards or redeem vouchers, virtual goods for shopping, movie and entertainment from the top brands available on the Mozo app.

To use the Walk feature, just follow the simple steps below to experience it!

Step 1: Access the Mozo app
Step 2: In Get Mozo, select Walking
Step 3: Select OK to allow access to track the step count which are connected to the Motion, Fitness activities in the phone.
Step 4: Move and see the results of your steps, completing the milestone will immediately receive gifts from Mozo.

Currently, the Walking feature is being used by many Mozo fans on the Mozo application because of its convenience, ease of experience as well as forming useful habits that Walking brings to everyone’s health. So what are you waiting for, Join now! For a day full of energy and joy from super gifts from Mozo application.

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