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Mozo Onstage At The Japan Blockchain Conference

Mozo onstage at the Japan Blockchain Conference

With Mozo’s crowdsale beginning on July 11th, 2018, the roadshow is in full swing.

Project Mozo’s CEO, Giang Phung, presented at the Japan Blockchain Conference, held last week on 26–27 June, 2018. There was no shortage of interest in Mozo’s capabilities and potential.

DAY 1:

8:30am The first day started with a long-queue of Japanese crypto investors and enthusiasts arriving at the show.

The Mozo booth is on the right of this picture.

9:30am The doors opened, allowing access to the exhibition area and two of its wings, Hall A and B. The exhibition area was the most densely populated.

CEO Giang Phung and CFO Daniel Carroll

10:00am The Mozo team in action at our booth. The video clip plays on loop, and team members answer customer queries.

11:10 Our sponsor, Israeli crypto billionaire Moshe Hogeg, came to the Mozo booth to lend his support.

12:00pm The Mozo team skipped lunch as the lunch crowd made it difficult to get what you want in time to return to the booth.

2:00pm We finally had lunch. There were food trucks!

3:00pm Due to the crowds, the airconditioner was not enough to keep us cool, jackets were off. Nice pose Mr CMO, Danny Do.

5:00pm 1 hour out from closing the booth. Stocktake: we ran out of 1-pagers in Japanese language.

5:30pm Paid 10,000 yen to get 300 color photocopies done. What? That is 330 yen (US$3) per A4 sheet at 80gsm

6:00pm Doors closed. Attended the afterparty (Diana Club, but nothing to do with the British Princess) for a networking session.

DAY 2:

9:00am The crowd was roughly a little more than 2/3rds of Day 1.

10:00 The show attracted all nationalities, as evidenced by this photo

15:30 Mozo CEO, Giang Phung, presents in Hall B. Definitely the highlight of the show for us!

Giang Phung’s presentation of how Mozo has extensively tested proven prototypes, utilising proprietary beacon technology, drew plenty of interest from press and entrepreneurs alike.

Throughout the two day conference attended by more than 5,000 people (our estimate), the booth was frequented by potential investors, and inundated with questions.

6:00pm The final afterparty.

See for more information about Mozo


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