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Mozo To Debut On Coinrail 8th August 2018, 16:00 Singapore Time (GMT+8)

Mozo to debut on Coinrail 8th August 2018, 16:00 Singapore Time (GMT+8)

MOZO Token will debut on Coinrail on August 8th 2018 at 16:00 Singapore Time (GMT+8).

Listing on Coinrail, Korea’s sixth largest exchange, offers immediate liquidity, tradability and exchangeability for our investors after Mozo’s ICO, which ended on July 30th 2018.

For end users

For the 38,000 stores signed on to use MOZO Token, the exchange offers a trading platform to easily buy and sell cryptocurrency and tokens in an open marketplace.

The platform is also the easiest way for walk-in customers of the store to accumulate and sell MOZO Tokens. It is estimated that there will be several million walk-in customers.

Both CEOs cite mutual support

On the choice of Coinrail as Mozo’s maiden exchange, CEO Mr Giang Phung said,

Majority of MOZO token retailers are from Korea, so listing on a Korean exchange is best suited to customer needs.

Commenting on Mozo, Coinrail’s Exchange CEO, Mr Nam said,

We are pleased to have Mozo Token listed on our exchange, and look forward to its trading liquidity on our platform. Coinrail is staging a turn-around strategy with utility tokens such as Mozo, and intend to invite international investors and customers to trade on our platform which offers security, speed and reliability. International customers can begin to trade our platform before 28th August 2018.

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