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Mozo To Promote BUSAN KOREAN FOOD Restaurant

Mozo to Promote BUSAN KOREAN FOOD Restaurant

SINGAPORE, MAY 31st, 2021, Mozox Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based company that operates Mozo, an advertising platform that guarantees foot traffic to businesses.

We are pleased to announce: BUSAN KOREAN FOOD, a miniature Korean corner in the heart of Saigon, serving diners with delicious traditional dishes of the beautiful land of Korea, has become a partner with Mozo in Thanh Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

If you have once visited the Busan Korean Food for dinners, you will have to remember the unique flavors in Korean culinary culture forever. Busan Korean Food invites you to embark on a journey to discover Korean’s with both familiar and strange flavors.

Realizing the broader potential of the Mozo ecosystem and the superiority of the Location Base Marketing system, BUSAN KOREAN FOOD decided to cooperate with Mozo to increase customer traffic to its restaurant chain stores, thereby increasing sales. By bringing BUSAN KOREAN FOOD and its updated food menu to reach potential customers at more than 200 airdrop locations across Ho Chi Minh City, BUSAN KOREAN FOOD using Mozo token to reward to its target customer groups such as Student and Office workers. They just start their daily journey to travel from home to work or to school, if their phone is within the nearby hotspot signal range, the airdrop event will trigger a pre-setup smart-contract to rewards Mozo tokens to their Mozo wallet, which sponsored by BUSAN KOREAN FOOD. They also appealed by special dished and opportunity to by discount eVoucher, all they have to do is press “Direction” on Mozo app to find the way to the nearest store and enjoy.

With Mozo, the cost paid for each customer visits will have ever such cheap, BUSAN KOREAN FOOD only pay for each real customer comes to the store, thereby increasing the conversion rate from advertising to revenue by 100%.

Mozo’s Location Base Marketing has proved its result is far superior to other advertising channel such as Facebook, Youtube or other platforms.



BUSAN KOREAN FOOD is a Korean restaurant chain that is quite famous and loved by young people today thanks to its affordable prices and authentic Korean dishes. Not only that, the restaurant’s decoration style is also Korean with low tables, flat seats and stainless steel eating utensils. BUSAN KOREAN FOOD brings diners the breath of Korea in Vietnam.




Mozox Pte. Ltd. is a privately owned technology company, incorporated in the Republic of Singapore. Mozo is its flagship product, which is an advertising platform that guarantees foot traffic in the Retail, Food & Beverage, Services and Hospitality industry.

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