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Mozo To Promote PAPAXOT’s Fast Food Chain

Mozo to Promote PAPAXOT’s Fast Food Chain

SINGAPORE, MAY 10TH, 2021, Mozox Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based company that owns and operates Mozo, an advertising platform that guarantees foot traffic to businesses, announces that PAPAXOT officially joins its platform.

PAPAXOT, a new concept fast food brand loved by many young Vietnamese people in Ho Chi Minh City, literally means daddy sauces, which are designed to enhance the flavour of different fast food dishes.

Realizing the importance of customer traffic as larger customer arrivals correlate with higher sales, PAPAXOT has agreed to participate in Mozo token reward program to influence consumers’ buying decisions.

PAPAXOT rewards per visit is made via Mozo’s high-precision bluetooth beacon mounted at each and every of 10 locations of PAPAXOT in Ho Chi Minh city.  By giving free tokens to a digital wallet of consumers as rewards (1000 Mozo token each visit), PAPAXOT is determined to increase its customer visits.

To use, download Mozo app, turn on bluetooth, and buy PAPAXOT vouchers. Then, go to the store, show the voucher with a QR code and pay less

Mozo platform charges a transaction fee to bring each foot-traffic through business doors, maintaining its motto, “no foot-traffic, no fee”. Mozo location-based marketing platform generates more foot traffic than other alternatives, that no merchants can refuse: 100% foot traffic guaranteed.



PAPAXOT is a privately owned company incorporated in Vietnam. PAPAXOT provides fast food dishes that suit Vietnamese tastes such as: rice noodle, chicken skewer, noodle soup. With the advantage of the very unique sauces that will help you experience a different style of fast food.




Mozox Pte. Ltd. is a privately owned technology company, incorporated in the Republic of Singapore. Mozo is its flagship product, which is an advertising platform that guarantees foot traffic in the Retail, Food & Beverage, Services and Hospitality industry.

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Tel: +65 97823585


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