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Mozo’s Pilot Launch

Mozo’s Pilot Launch

In June of 2016, Mozo partnered with 361˚, one of China’s leading retailers, to launch a pilot of Mozo’s consumer and merchant apps and its proprietary smart beacon sensors.

Who is 361˚?

361˚ designs, manufactures, and sells sports shoes and apparel. Being one of China’s most successful retailers, 361˚ sells products through approximately 7,000 retail stores, in addition to various online channels, making it an ideal testing ground for Mozo’s pilot.

The Pilot

For a period of 60 days, 361˚ implemented Mozo at three designated retail stores in Xiamen, China, where 361˚ is headquartered. Customers used Mozo’s app to interact with the smart beacons located in products throughout stores to view product information on their phones. By gaining new customer insights, salespeople were able to assist customers and convert browsing into sales, generating results which speak for themselves:


The Results

The designated 361˚ stores saw an increase in in-store revenue of 20%

What the Future Holds

Mozo has taken huge strides since this initial pilot launch. With already 38,000 venues committed to implementing Mozo, our success at 361˚ was just the beginning. We are targeting up to 300,000 venues to implement Mozo over the next three years. Stores like 361˚are just one example of the many venues which can benefit from Mozo. Malls, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, events halls, resorts, and tourism boards to name a few. Anyone who wants to increase and control foot traffic can benefit from Mozo.

This is our vision for Mozo. We have the expertise and resources to be a pioneer in an industry relatively untapped by blockchain technologies. Mozo is a token to discover the future of commerce. A future where Mozo becomes the digital platform for “brick-and-mortar” retail venues to thrive side by side with online commerce. Making Mozo truly — The Token of Discovery.

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