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Mozo Is NOT A Concept, Our Technologies Are Proven

Mozo is NOT a concept, our technologies are proven

Improvement of these technologies by integration with blockchain and AI techniques will be deployed at 38k committed stores next year and 300k stores over the next 3 years.

“Most accurate IPS system ever developed” Wanda Engineers

Wanda Commercial Properties (Wanda) is the largest mall operator in China, with more than 120 shopping malls throughout the country. Wanda had a joint-venture with Baidu and Tencent to develop an O2O model to attract foot traffic to Wanda Shopping Malls, through their own mobile App. However, Wanda also seeks other best of breed technologies from the industry.

For the Indoor Positioning System (IPS) category, Wanda has selected three vendors for testing and Mozo were one of them. After developing a platform for deployment, we brought our IPS system and App along to one of Wanda’s leading malls, to test for accuracy and response time.

The deployment of project Mozo in Wanda environment included 2 phases:

Phase 1:
Mozo IPS Integration with Wanda’s App

Phase 2:
Mozo IPS Accuracy Improvement through propriety beacon sensors

In March 2015, Team Mozo went through a User Acceptance Test of its Indoor Positioning System conducted by the test engineers of Wanda. 100% accuracy was achieved at each of the 113 random test points, meaning none of our sensors failed. Test result showed accuracy within 1m 1s (one meter accuracy within one second response time), a world class achievement validated by Wanda’s engineers, proclaiming Mozo IPS system standing as the best they have ever seen.

Smart sensors for a better shopping experience

In June of 2016, Mozo partnered with one of China’s leading retailers, 361˚ to pilot launch Mozo’s app and proprietary smart beacon sensors.

Benefit from the previous testing result of the core and sensor technology, Mozo focuses our development efforts on the user interface aspect and ready to be unleased.

Our smart beacon sensor was well-designed and had been calculated to make it a perfect match with Chinese retail trend and 361˚ brand market positioning.

Proposal I
Sensor Device Cover is colored mainly with white, device name and logo in blue, along with retail store identification in orange.

Proposal II
Sensor Device Cover is also colored mainly with white, device name and logo in blue, along with retail store identification in orange. To avoid unwanted separation between product item and sensor, the sensor device is designed with clip to attach with its associated product item.

Proposal III 
Sensor Device Cover is colored mainly with orange, device name and logo in black and blue, along with model identification in white. Note the use of hook to associate product item with the sensor device. Taking into full consideration the needs of pilot project and business requirements, Team Mozo and 361˚ choose to deploy the third sensor design scheme.

Before launch day, all stores were ready. In-store product items were associated with its plugging beacon sensors.

Smart technology contributed 20% of store revenue

In a full month of pilot test, walk-in customers had shown positive response to Mozo app, our proprietary sensor, and a new shopping experience. Mozo proudly contributed 20% of the pilot stores revenue, a solid recognition that our technology helps lead the way to the next breakthrough for Mozo Project.

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