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MozoX Enters MOU With PQC Hospitality

MozoX enters MOU with PQC Hospitality

SINGAPORE, DECEMBER 2, 2019 – MozoX Pte. Ltd. (“MozoX”), a Singapore-based blockchain platform company that brings foot traffic to offline businesses, announces that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (“MoU”) with Vietnam’s leading event venue provider, PQC Hospitality, to provide eTicket mini app to serve 1.1 million customers across all 6 venues in the country.

eTicket mini app runs on MozoX blockchain platform for foot traffic and allows PQC guests and employees quickly, seamlessly, and securely enter and exit designated parking areas. Through collaboration, MozoX and PQC have developed a new blockchain use case that will enhance the customer experience and provide personalization for guests to PQC’s events and reduce the need for fiat transactions.

PQC was interested to solve parking congestion problem for its guests as there were always a large influx of guests to the venues at the same time, which caused bottlenecks and long lines to parking areas. With eTicket mini app, we have solved this problem by sending a digital parking ticket to MozoX app on the guests’ mobile phone, as they reach the geo-fencing of parking entrant. The dynamic QR code on the digital parking ticket is then read by a scanner, allowing the driver to enter and exit with ease.

On imminent eTicket rollout at PQC venues, Giang Phung, CEO of MozoX commented, “Vietnam has 45 million motorbikes registered, according to Ministry of Transportation, and thousands of parking venues across the country have congestion problems similar to PQC. This provides an excellent consumer base for MozoX to tap and grow”.

Upon successful of the eTicket roll-out, PQC also plans to use the full functionality of the MozoX app to attract and reward visitors by airdrop of MozoX tokens, send digital invitations to guests prior to event time, advertise promotions in its ecosystem, and convert its current loyalty program to MozoX.

Round one of an initial exchange offering is underway on the LAToken platform from November 25th to December 25th, and MozoX tokens can be purchased using Bitcoin, Ether or Tether.



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