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Mozo 3.0 Is On MainNet

Mozo 3.0 is on MainNet

Less than 4 months ago, Team Mozo was successful testing Mozo 3.0 on TestNet. Follow on from that milestone, today the 20th March 2019, we are pleased to announce that Mozo 3.0 comprising of system, smart contracts, and supporting services is now on MainNet, and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Launching Mozo 3.0 on the heel of last month announcement that our Apps were available on GooglePlay and AppStore, making Mozo 3.0 the first to have a complete and commercially available offerings in foot traffic category globally.

Now, Retailers can join us, buy MozoX coins and airdrop them as rewards to Shoppers who visit or walk-in to their stores, making Project Mozo ready for prime time.

Features available in Mozo 3.0 on MainNet are:

  • Retailer registration and provision of Beacon sensor for Zero Customer Acquisition Cost (on
  • Airdrop MozoX tokens to Shoppers, when they walk into the Retailer’s physical store, allow transfer MozoX tokens amongst friends, and Shoppers to exchange MozoX tokens for product discounts at participating offline stores
  • Miminal Customer Acquisition Cost, allowing Retailers to purchase MozoX for further use to attract foot traffic to their physical stores

Mozo 3.0 on MainNet includes:

  1. Shopper App and Retailer App in both iOS and Android
  2. SDK for iOS and Android
  3. Smart Contracts
  4. Core Services
  5. Web services for Operations Support, Token Management, Beacon Management, System Administration, MozoX Scan, and Retailer Registration

Commenting on the MainNet launch, Mozo’s CEO, Mr Giang Phung said, “I am pleased that we have reached this most important milestone on our Roadmap, as we launched Mozo 3.0 on MainNet, giving us a chance to participate, drive and control 2.6 trillion foot traffic globally.

After successful launch on MainNet, Team Mozo will focus signing up participating offline customers worldwide.


MozoX token: This is a token to discover the future of commerce. A future where MozoX token becomes a digital platform for physical retail malls to thrive side by side with online commerce. With due respect to the real McCoy, MozoX token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency for all transactions across all merchants in any specific mall or store. It is a spendable currency converted from loyalty points when you shop. Due to the burgeoning trend of buying online, physical malls are losing its appeal on price competitiveness and convenience. To bring foot traffic back into the physical stores, MozoX token was borne to pivot the comeback of urban retail giants.

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