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WHY 38,000 Stores Currently Committed To Use MOZO 3.0?

WHY 38,000 stores currently committed to use MOZO 3.0?

38,000 retailers are waiting for MOZO 3.0 for 3 core features developed by MOZO over the last 4 years which can be summarized by 3 videos below:

1. Reward for VISITING

Airdrop MOZO on VISITING — Get MOZO tokens every time VISITING a store or mall. Store owners can set amount of tokens to be rewarded for new/return customers.

2. Reward for DISCOVERING

Airdrop MOZO on ZAPPING — Be rewarded to DISCOVER any product chosen by store owner. Be it a new arrival, seasonal sales…

3. Reward for BUYING

Reward MOZO on PURCHASING — Reward for BUYING products at any of the 38,000 stores currently committed to use MOZO. Target 300,000 stores in 3 years. MOZO tokens can also be exchanged on selected coin exchange platforms.

How MOZO Works?

About Mozo

Mozo is the future of the retail industry. With proven, state-of-the-art technology it shouldn’t come as a surprise we already have 38,000 venues committed to implement Mozo. We are projecting this number to grow to 300,000 over the next three years. Large malls are just one of the many venues that can benefit from Mozo. Hotels, restaurants, stadiums, events halls, resorts, and tourism boards are some of the other obvious applications that can benefit from using Mozo tokens. Anyone who would like to control and increase foot traffic can benefit from Mozo.

This is our vision for Mozo. We have the expertise and resources to be a pioneer in an industry previously untapped by blockchain technologies. This is a token to discover the future of commerce. A future where Mozo becomes the digital platform for retail venies to thrive side by side with online commerce. Making Mozo truly, The Token of Discovery.

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